FOG team embarks on Glendalough Survival Mission

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The date was set – Thursday 17th April. The FOG team were to embark on a team building hike around the Spinc trail in Glendalough. No person left behind or survival of the fittest? We hadn’t decided yet. But when the clock struck 11am, the seventeen-strong group left base camp ( Marrowbone Lane ) in a convoy of cars headed to Wicklow.

After a quick bite to eat we captured this photo for reference in case we lost our way, or one of our team members.

Before we set off!

Before we set off!

Halfway through the hike a number of the team were feeling the strain and managed to take a rest in an eight man shelter supplied by one of the team. The rest of us kept a look out for any wild animals that might be prowling!!! (Stories of the existence of bears in Wicklow could not be confirmed or denied).

Taking refuge from the elements

The team seeks refuge from the elements!

The final few miles took balance and endurance – walking the sleepers though the bogland. Again, we managed to lose no one and prepared ourselves for the big descent – 600 steps to the bottom. Groans, moans and other choice words could be heard during this severe test of our leg muscles!! What an achievement – hike complete with tired but happy faces all round.

An executive decision was made to return to our new base camp as soon as possible. Tables reserved in Arthurs Pub, James Street, for recovery – a few beers with loads of hot finger food. Just what the Doctor ordered!

The day was a complete success and brought us even closer together as a team. Hopefully we will get to test their endurance again soon and I would recommend the Spinc trail to anyone.

View from the bridge

Fantastic view from the bridge


Author: Jim FitzGerald, Senior Environmental Inspector

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