Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) Management

EES works in partnership with Water Service Authorities worldwide, assisting with the development and execution of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) management programmes.

Over the past number of years, Water Services Authorities around the world have experienced a significant increase in the number and frequency of blockages in the public sewer network caused by Fat, Oil and Grease. FOG causes a problem when it is discharged to the sewer, particularly during food preparation, production or washing up activities in commercial kitchens.

When FOG enters the sewer it quickly cools and accumulates in sewer pipelines, resulting in a sewer blockage. These blockages often result in flooding of premises and environmental pollution of rivers and streams, resulting in expensive maintenance costs for Water Services Authorities. FOG is a worldwide problem, recent examples of FOG related problems have been reported in London and New York.

Working with Water Service Authorities in Ireland and internationally, EES’s innovative solution successfully eliminates the problems caused by FOG through prevention at source. Our programme involves the licensing, education and inspection of food service establishments. Through stakeholder engagement and regular inspections EES support food service establishments in achieving compliance with Water Service Authority regulations.

Our FOG management programmes have resulted in approximately 75% reduction in FOG-related sewer blockages and millions of euros in savings in associated operational expenditure for Water Services Authorities.

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