Meet the Team: David Gibbons

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David Gibbons, FOG team member/ IRC Research Award Holder

Today we meet David Gibbons, a key member of our FOG team, who has been spearheading our research in the field of Biosystems Engineering.

An Environmental Inspector with the Fat Oil and Grease (FOG) Team since 2012, David recently secured a prestigious funding award from the Irish Research Council’s (IRC) Employment Based Postgraduate Programme. Aimed at providing postgraduate researchers with an employment-focused educational experience, the Programme will see David achieve a Master’s degree through research at the UCD School of Biosystems Engineering while continuing his employment with Noonan/EES.


The two year project, ‘A Critical Evaluation of Dublin City Council’s Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Programme and an investigation of the potential to implement similar initiatives in Ireland and internationally’, will utilise GIS software in conjunction with risk analysis techniques to evaluate the success of the programme in reducing the environmental effects of FOG discharge.  Although currently in the early stages of development, it has been well received by both Dublin City Council and Irish Water, the new national Water Services Authority.

Innovation and Growth

Director of Operations, Michael O’ Dwyer, believes David’s research will prove to be highly valuable. “I foresee several benefits for both water service providers and their customers accruing from the project,”Michael explains. “I feel that Noonan’s backing of David through the IRC Employment Based Postgraduate Programme outlines the commitment of Noonan/EES to employee development; and our continued progression towards research, innovation and growth in the environmental sector.” 


An avid cyclist, David recently completed his degree in Civil Engineering at DIT Bolton Street. The degree took in aspects of hydrology, water infrastructure and environmental engineering, all of which have important applications to his role as an environmental inspector, as well as his ongoing research.

On the Road

David’s role as Environmental Inspector requires him to go to different areas of the city, an aspect of the job he really appreciates. It provides a great opportunity to get out and meet people, and get to know the city,” David says. “I usually walk, use public transport or make use of the Dublin Bike Scheme when getting about between inspections, which keeps you healthy, as well as helping to do a little bit for the environment–a bonus considering our role as Environmental Inspectors!”

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