South African Delegates take part in EES FOG training

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In June 2013, EES in partnership with NOONAN welcomed delegates from the eThekwini Municipality of South Africa to Dublin to partake in a customised training program on Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) management. Three delegates made the 14,000 km journey to Ireland to learn about Dublin’s innovative program for the control of Fat, Oil & Grease (“FOG”).

Fat, Oil & Grease causes major problems for municipal authorities all over the world, causing sewer blockages which result in environmental pollution and flooding of properties. Recent examples include reports of “fatbergs” in London‘s sewers and NY Times article published on 17th February 2014.

EES & NOONAN are at the forefront in tackling this international problem. We are currently implementing an innovative Fat, Oil & Greae (FOG) programme across almost 3,000 food service establishments in the Dublin region.

Dublin’s Fat, Oil & Grease programme aims to remove waste FOG at source, thereby preventing Fat, Oil & Grease from entering the drainage network and eliminating the associated problems.

Further information on Dublin’s FOG programme can be found here








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