EES attends Environ 2014 Expo

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EES is proud to be participating in Environ 2014′s CareerExpo


EES in partnership with Noonan Environmental is delighted to participate in  Environ 2014′s CareerExpo at Trinity College Dublin on 27th February 2014.


Run by the Environmental Science Association of Ireland (ESAI), the ENVIRON colloquium is the largest annual gathering of environmental researchers across the island of Ireland, with over 300 delegates attending the event each year. It provides a venue for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to exchange information on their most up-to-date findings with a large and diverse audience made up of academics, industry members and policy makers. It is a wonderful platform for the sharing of ideas and for knowledge transfer among groups working in disparate disciplines. The interdisciplinary nature of the colloquium and its associated workshops fosters successful interaction between scientists, engineers, social scientists, medical researchers and industry members and policy makers.

EES is proud to take part in this years CareerExpo alongside representatives from NGOs, environmental consultancies, research institutes and semi state bodies. The CareerExpo provides an opportunity for attendees to discuss job opportunities; internships; post doctorate and Ph.D. programmes; and also receive career advice.

Further details can be found on the ESAI website

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