Biosystems Engineering Design Challenge 2014

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Students who participate in the Biosystems design challenge learn about engineering design, project management and teamwork while attempting to develop an effective and commercially viable device.

This years contest challenged UCD’s brightest young  students to design, build and operate a household product constructed out of a flax based biomaterial. The judges were impressed by the diversity of products designed by participating teams as part of the challenge which ranged from a portable music amplifier to a unique wine rack and a hedgehog desk tidy.

Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Hedgehog Desk Tidy

Hedgehog Desk Tidy

The winning entry ‘Tablet Tidy’ was designed and built by UCD students Mel Farrell, Cathy Goulding, Dominic Hoo, Conor Gray, Enes Gahbiche and Roger Gonzalez. The product, a computer tablet stand with built in desk tidy constructed from flax based biomaterial and easily assembled from flat pack format, was a creative and well executed concept which highlights the versatility of using bio-based materials in the development of consumer products.

The winning entry

Winners – Tablet Tidy

Speaking about the program Andrew England, Environmental Manager, NOONAN said “NOONAN & EES are delighted to continue our support of the Biosystems Engineering Design Challenge, which encourages students from a variety of disciplines to work as a team and utilize their own unique skill-sets in producing innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions to every day problems.”

The next phase of the Design challenge kicks off in September 2014.

Author: Mr Andrew England, Environmental Manager

May 2014

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